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Donna’s decision to enter the real estate profession was influenced by a lifetime of living, and experiencing the WORLD of real estate - researching, acquiring, and managing properties. Born and raised in Victoria, her father was a realtor for decades, which made a great impression on her, and fed her passion with the understanding of the diverse beauty, and desirability of properties in Victoria, and on Vancouver Island. In the mid eighties she made her way to the Comox Valley where she met her realtor partner and started a family. Over a period of 32 years, she was very involved in the Comox Valley market as an owner, and investor of revenue properties. She returned to her hometown four years ago, and is looking forward to picking up where she left off. Providing service, and helping people make informed choices when buying or selling their valued real estate properties.



Donna Wills®
direct phone: 778-535-4663

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